My Struggle with emacs 22.1

This page's goal is to illustrate a tricky problem of emacs (or me?) I'm struggling with. See my post in the news group '' (e.g. here

Any help to remove the 'menu' in the minibuffer are warmly welcomed! (

When I start emacs (version 22.1) on a solaris 5.10 machine it always shows a kind of a dropdown selection box in the minibuffer. When I click on "..ish/European ]" in the minibuffer a little window popups and let me choose what I suspect among different input coding systems (see picture). emacs main window and submenu

The annoyance is that any minibuffer message are hidden by this menu. So, whenever I do a M-x I don't see what I'm typping as the message is displayed above the 'menu'. I first have to manually resize the minibuffer.

When I select for example the 'Lookup' entry I get the following submenu: lookup submenu

Selecting now 'p - Arrows' the following menu appears that lets me insert brrows characters by selecting in the menu: arrows selection